We intend to implement a system capable of enhancing the current intervention procedures providing more safety of the personnel involved in the fight against the flames. A combination of a helicopter drone and an extinguishing medium allows a localized action to be carried out on a region of land in order to extinguish the flames of a fire in a circumscribed area. The extinguishing medium called AIB Rocket executes its fall along a preferred trajectory, avoiding the smoke of a fire. It is extremely effective with localized fires, allowing the flames not to grow and it can act on both land fires and canopy fires. Not only: AIB Rocket is designed to prevent the problem of hydrogeological instability that occurs during periods of heavy rain in wooded areas damaged by combustion. This is because it carries out a treatment of sowing and fertilization, facilitating the rapid growth of flora and thus preventing the possibility that these regions of land would be subjected of landslides, mudslides or falls downstream of a fire.